Wildflowers The Winners In Wet Weather

The recent poor weather is having an effect on Scotland’s wildlife, but the news isn’t all bad.

While the weather could have been harmful to ground nesting birds, some plant life is positively thriving. The BBC recently visited our Jupiter Urban Wildlife Garden to see for themselves.

Click here to see the impact of the weather on wildlife at Jupiter.

Simon Milne, Chief Executive of the Scottish Wildlife Trust said:

“In areas where there’s been heavy amounts of rainfall, it interferes with butterflies’ life cycle, meaning their lifespan is reduced and that causes problems with population numbers. Ground-nesting birds can be vulnerable to wet weather, with nests being flooded and chicks dying from the cold. Species such as grouse are particularly at risk.”

The effects could be short lived as wildlife is only really affected with prolonged bad weather. Scotland’s wildlife populations could recover if next spring is warmer and drier than this year.

Simon Milne said:

“Wildlife can be fairly resilient to wet and cold, as long as it’s not a constant pattern. We can get away with it for one year and populations can recover. However, if we have a second or third year of this sort of weather, it can have a huge impact.”