The Scottish Owl Centre in Polkemmet Country Park.

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Indian Eagle Owl Starts New Life in Scotland

A Three -week-old Indian Eagle owl has flown the nest from his birthplace in England, and has started a new life in a West Lothian country park.

Rocky, the Indian Eagle owlet, with a feathery friend at Polkemmet. Picture: SWNS
Rocky, the Indian Eagle owlet, with a feathery friend at Polkemmet. Picture: SWNS

Owlet ‘Rocky’, whose origins lie in Nepal, near the Himalayan Mountains, is also known as the Rock Eagle Owl – hence his name – and arrived at the Polkemmet Country Park in West Lothian, where he is surrounded by many other owls from Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.

Rocky, who was born bald like all baby owls, will have feathers in a few weeks time, enabling him to fly.

Unlike humans, who take around 20 years to become adults, Rocky will be around the same size as his parents within 10 weeks, according to Rod Angus, owner of the Scottish Owl Centre.

The young owl will eventually grow to be the same size as a buzzard.

Rocky will be trained for displays at the centre, once he has grown accustomed to his new surroundings and settles in to his new home.

Loch Lomond Bird of Prey Centre – REVIEW

Loch Lomond National Park is a great tourist attraction for tourism in Scotland, and Fishing  and Wildlife News is currently visiting these sorts of places in the country to promote what’s available on the Wildlife side site seeing.
On our travels we came across the LOCH LOMOND BIRD OF PREY CENTRE.

Loch Lomond
Birds of Prey Centre

Nestling amongst the trees behind the Loch Lomond Homes & Garden Center ,you enter the Bird Of Prey Center , the birds are housed in their own ideal separate wooden pine cabins.

Stewart Robertson kindly met and gave us a wonderful greeting at the center’s entrance, Stewart is a guy that certainly knows his stuff, without even asking he was giving us loads of information on the lives’ of the lovely selection and varieties of Birds of Prey and Owls on show, as soon as Stewart talks to each of the birds, you can see the bond that has developed between each other. It’s very humbling to see such a connection between the birds and their handler Stewart.

Now myself a keen wildlife artist was mesmerized by the colours in all of the birds and owls, at the moment I am studying colours and shapes of all Wildlife to help me produce more life-like drawings and paintings, and this visit to the Bird of Prey Center will certainly help me achieve my goals in becoming a better Wildlife Artist, hopefully producing more life-like images. For me it was certainly worth the visit alone and Stewart with all his knowledge and information gave me inspiration to now start raptor painting. Which I haven’t yet attempted. I took a series of  photographs and film for my reference when I decide to paint Birds of Prey,  

A truly magical experience for me and I will always remember how beautiful the birds and owls are that close up as my brother Raymond said, we’re that used to seeing them miles away from us and here we see them in all their glory close up  great,

We highly recommend you visit the

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