Swan Diary #6 ‘On The Nest’ (2013)

Swans are now nesting !

So my plan for today was to have a quick look at the Swan Pond then bike it to Riverside to check out the area on the River Forth where some Porpoise’s were spotted last week.

Heron in far field
Heron in far field

But as those who of us who film wildlife know you can’t really plan exactly what your going to see, so when I spotted a grey Heron in the far field, I set up up camera just in time to see it catching something. The timing was perfect and I had a good feeling today was going to be good.

The weather was sunny and warm compared to the past few days where rain and high winds were the norm. I took some photos of the Heron then moved down to the pond where the water was very calm and I could see lots of toads on the bottom of the pond.

Best was yet to come as I spotted one of the swans laying in the reeds , as I got closer I made out the edges of the nest she had built. This is what I had been waiting for, last year I started taking photos when the cygnets were born so I was determined to film them as the built the nest this year.

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Heron Catching a Toad (29th March 2013)

On Good Friday, I took a ride along to the Swans Pond and came across an FWN favorite bird, a grey Heron. The Heron was one of the first wildlife species we filmed and even entered a film to an international nature film festival in Belgium.

As I scanned along the pond I spotted the swans looking well and with the water levels low they could easily forage for food below the surface.

Next was the Moorhen, great to see it too as were not one Coot but now a pair, hopefully we will see some nest building in the coming weeks.

I have only filmed Herons as they stand in there perfect statue pose but thi can be quite boring after a few seconds, so it was great to see this young one walking along the edges of the pond, then to my delight i caught it catching a toad and eating it whole.

Was great to see how they use their long beak to spear there prey and eat it.

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