The Scottish Deer Centre

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Mission Statement:

“To promote through its living animals, using managed breeding, environmental education and research; the conservation of Deer species, their habitats and other fauna within, both in Scotland and worldwide.”

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The dace population over the past 5 years has exploded and are thriving on the River Forth at Stirling, one factor for this population explosion has been the lack of pollution in our river system and the dace,s natural predator , the pike was eradicated on the main river at Stirling by fishermen who killed them everytime one was caught.

The result now is that there are hardly any, if no pike population left on the main River Forth at Stirling . Although it is great to see such a thriving dace population we need the pike back to balance out the biodiversity and keep the dace population to a natural level as you can see in my video diaries the dace are thriving by the thousands, a message to the fishermen of the forth.

If you are lucky enough to catch a pike please return it back to the river alive and unharmed to bring the natural biodiversity balance back to the River Forth.

We,like the dace but we need them controlled naturally