We hope you like our cuckoo film ,

After meeting up with Raymond on the Sherrifmuir above my home in Dunblane,   and after photographing a cuckoo over the past couple of days, where I managed to get  some nice still shots , I  was still looking for some good film footage.

Ray had come to my rescue,  after a discussion between us I informed Ray to get his film camera ready as I was going to call the cuckoo in with an old trick of mimicking the cuckoos call !  first time as well as you can see on the film.

I successfully called the cuckoo in to our location and Raymond as usual got superb film of it with the added bonus of a chaffinch mobbing it.

Well done Ray,
Job done
We now have a Scottish cuckoo whisperer ha ha.ha.!!!!!!!!!!!



Some Of The Photos I Took.



FWN Test Out New Eco-friendly Electric Bikes.

On Sunday Colin and myself took a trip up to Ashfield near Dunblane to test out our new Cyclamatic E-bikes which we are using to bring you news stories and videos of the local wildlife around Central Scotland.

These bikes are eco friendly and have a range of 20 miles, which gives us a larger area to cover now.

On our travel we checked out the far wood for Red Kites and spotted a few Pink Footed Geese, taking a well earned rest and some food for there long journey home.

Colin then shows us a burn where he hopes to film a wild otter and in a future project film some underwater video of life beneath the surface.

We then ride up to Kinbuck to check out the rabbits on the hillside and we then come across some Canada Geeseon the river bank.

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Panda Cheers on Andy Murray’s Homecoming

Panda in the crowd

Huge crowds went to Dunblane for the homecoming celebration of Andy Murray being awarded the freedom of the city for his historic achievement in winning the tennis USA Open.

Andy pops in to his local newsagent

Andy made tremendous gesture in signing autographs and meeting the crowds on his walk up to dunblane this was to thank them for their support throughout his career.

Massive crowds lined the streets of Dunblane.


River Allan

Scotland’s Wildlife is enduring and experiencing the very unusual weather fronts sweeping in over the country for the past two months, the rainfall for this time of year has broken all the records since records began.


This family of swans was spotted by FWN Reporter Colin Statter early this morning, taking  refuge on the banks of the River Allan in the childrens park at Mill Row car park in Dunblane.


The young Cygnets are too young to ensure such a strong current, they would be swept away , the adults took the youngsters into the park during the night, once the levels drop they will safely go back into the river and continue their journey.

One local resident talking to Colin said that this was the first time he had seen swans in the River Allan in the middle of Dunblane.

Colin Statter

All the Rivers in the district rose last night in spates, as seen in these photographs taken by Colin,

The Allan is once,again up in heavy spate the third within a fortnight, forecasters say we can expect similar weather over the next couple of Weeks.


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