Swan Diary #8 (Four Eggs Have Hatched)

As of yesterday 27th May 2013 we can confirm that four of the six Swans eggs have hatched. Mid afternoon FWN Reporter Brember Turner texted to let me know that the day we were waiting on had arrived and the young cygnets were under the warm wing of their mother at the pond.

Even better Brem, got some cracking photos for our readers to see them only hours after they were born, remarkable.

Well Done Brem !

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Swan Diary #9

I took a bike ride down to the swan pond yesterday,the sun was shining but the signs of autumn approaching are clear. The reeds and leaves on the trees are turning, the bustling noisy swallows that I seen in the summer are long gone with only a few stragglers remaining.

Swan Pond
5th October 2012


The geese are gathering in the fields getting ready for their long journeys ahead. As I got nearer the pond, the cygnets and swans greeted me and I couldn’t believe the size of them.Fully grown now, the cygnets are larger than their parents.

Cygnets are as big as their parents now.

Young Moorhen Chick

Cygnets feeding on the reeds

‘All the family’