Swallows and Deer at the Pond

I took a bike run to the Swan Pond this morning to try out my new FUJIFILM FINEPIX 2980 that I bought a few days ago.It is a bridge camera so I wasn’t expecting it be a good as the camera I had been using, the FUJIFILM S9500Colin had gave me this as he had upgraded to a beautiful NIKON camera, unfortunately I dropped it and it broke, so I was left with nothing to use.

So I will do a full review of the S2980 later and give my opinion on it for FWN viewers to read.Anyway the pond was full of interesting birds and animals and I was well chuffed to get some shots of some Swallows (which I have been trying to get for some time). They were perched only a few feet from the hedge I was leaning against and as you see below, they are quite good.


There were lots of Swallows about due to the hot weather and the abundance of flies around the fields and they were in full voice and inquisitive of what I was doing.

Blue coloring coming through on the back of the Swallow

I could hear a Buzzard above me and two Herons were in the far field, but it was to the far off wood which took my interest.Through the binoculars I spotted three Deer, two adults and a young one, nestling in the grass.Although they were far off I tried out the zoom on the S9800 and got a shot.

Far away shot of one of the Deer

Hopefully sometime soon I will try and get some closer shots of the Deer, the wood seems to have a lot of possibilities in getting some good nature photos.

Fuji FinePix S2980 14 Megapixel Digital Camera


With an 18x zoom, 14 megapixel sensor, 720p HD video capture and the option of manual photographic, there’s plenty of room to explore your creativity. Capture a hawk in the wild, a tiger on safari or your kids playing football in the park – the compact Fuji S2980 can do it all.

If you only have time for point-and-shoot, the Fuji S2980 digital camera can be switched to SR Auto mode for total ease of use. The combination of a high-precision Fujinon lens and 14 megapixel resolution give you stunningly pin-sharp picture quality.

Create stunning panorama photos by shooting a series of pictures and then letting the Fuji S2980 HD seamlessly stitch them together in-camera. There’s also an electronic viewfinder to compliment the 3 inch LCD display.

Smile Detection automatically takes a photo as soon as a smile is detected, ensuring all your pictures are happy ones. When photographing fast moving subjects or action shots, the Tracking AF mode will lock on to moving subjects and keep them in focus.

Dual image stabilisation reduces blurring caused by hand shake, motion or low light. You can also use the Fuji FinePix S2980 to easily upload pictures and video to social networking sites.

Useful info:

  • 14 megapixel resolution
  • 3 inch LCD display
  • 18 x optical zoom (28-504 mm equivalent)
  • ISO 100-6400
  • 720p movie recording at 30fps
  • Scene Recognition Auto
  • Face Recognition
  • Easy web uploads
  • AA battery
  • SD/SDHC memory card slot
  • Fuji FinePix S2980 HD digital camera


Acuter 70mm digital imaging spotting scope

Acuter 70mm digital imaging spotting scopeThe Acuter 70mm digital spotting scope is a superb example of modern technology – a perfect fusion of photography and observation! The Acuter digiscope features clear, bright, high-resolution 70mm optics and a built-in high resolution camera with 3.1 million pixel resolution.

The spotting scope, in standard optical mode, operates at 14x magnification. The camera however with its 2″ LCD flip-up screen, can operate at 7x or 14x or more by operating the 4x digital zoom feature.

See it, capture it – instantly! Now you can get up close and personal with your favourite subject matter and capture the moment instantly, in either Still Photo or Continuous Video format.

Integrated digiscope camera. What ever you see you can record it at the touch of a button on the special anti-vibration electronic cable release – see bottom picture for detail. The spotting scope has its own 32Mb internal memory and in addition has an SD Card slot.


Acuter 70mm digital imaging spotting scopeIn addition there is a AV Out connection for viewing images directly on your TV, and a USB port to connect to your PC.

Fully rubber armoured This superb instrument is designed to go anywhere and observe wildlife in the field. The exceptionally well made body Acuter 70 is finished in smooth rubber armour that shrugs off the rough and tumble of field use and ensures a secure grip when handling.

Fully anti-reflection coated optics. The Acuter 70 features top quality Bak-4 optical glass throughout, all prisms and high-quality, precision ground lenses are coated with multiple anti-reflection coatings.

Waterproof body with anti-fogging nitrogen gas filling

The Acuter is fully water and weather-proof and is nitrogen gas purged for fog-free performance.

Padded carry case with shoulder strap. The digiscope is supplied with padded carry case with shoulder strap.

Acuter 70mm digital imaging spotting scopeSD card slot

The pictures are stored on an SD card and 100s of high resolution images can be stored on a single card. The eyepiece is angled at 45 degrees to minimise neck strain.


Magnification 14x Object Lens Diameter 70mm Focal Length 210mm Field of View 4 ° Near Focus 4.8M Length 280mm Weight 1.59kg

Specification (Digital Camera)

Image Sensor CMOS Resolution (Max) 3.1MP (2056×1536 Pixels) Digital Zoom 4x Memory 32MB Internal, SD Card Slot Focus Assist Sharp Focus Meter Camera Magnification 7x or 14x Field of View 5.6 ° -2 ° Hi-Res Images 38 pics @ 3.0MP (Fine) Lo-Res Images >600 pics @ 0.3MP (Econ) Continuous Video (VGA) 30 secs VGA @ 30fps 4.5 mins CIF @ 15fps TV Out Preview PAL/NTSC Connectivity Ports USB/TV Out/Shutter Release/12v DC.

Cables Supplied: USB/Video/Shutter Release Cable System Requirements Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP, 600MB free, Hard drive space, 128MB SDRAM, CD ROM Drive, USB Port, Video card with 2MB RAM (16 bit colour) Power Requirement 2 x AA Alkaline

Imaging wildlife, shipping, planes is child’s play with the Acuter 70 digital spotting scope!

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