Heron Catching a Toad (29th March 2013)

On Good Friday, I took a ride along to the Swans Pond and came across an FWN favorite bird, a grey Heron. The Heron was one of the first wildlife species we filmed and even entered a film to an international nature film festival in Belgium.

As I scanned along the pond I spotted the swans looking well and with the water levels low they could easily forage for food below the surface.

Next was the Moorhen, great to see it too as were not one Coot but now a pair, hopefully we will see some nest building in the coming weeks.

I have only filmed Herons as they stand in there perfect statue pose but thi can be quite boring after a few seconds, so it was great to see this young one walking along the edges of the pond, then to my delight i caught it catching a toad and eating it whole.

Was great to see how they use their long beak to spear there prey and eat it.

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Swan Diary #8

After the excitement of discovering a new family on the pond last week, today was a pretty quiet day with the new chicks hiding away in the reeds on the far side.

I actually got the breed wrong !

What I thought were Coot chicks, were actually Moorhens, which have very distinctive red and yellow bill compared to the Coot,s who are white billed.

The bottom of the Cygnets neck is changing colour.
The Heron had just flown in beside the swans
Coot with its white bill
close up of Coot
Moorhen with chick behind it.
The one young Duckling here is from a different family to the 7 i showed previously
Unidentified chick ?

When I was on my way home, I came across a Buzzard sitting on some wires,I quicky got off my bike and managed to get these few shots before it took flight.

Buzzard, perched on wire
Distinctive shape of the Buzzard
Takes flight !

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Swan Diary #7 – Coots

Today, I went to the pond early in the morning, after another week of torrential rain in Scotland the weather held off long enough for me to observe the latest ‘news‘ on the Pond.

The Cygnets are looking more like adults than ever and there long slender necks are a site to behold.

The Ducks too are growing at a rapid rate, but its the Coots who stole the show this week. After me thinking there was no chance of any eggs hatching, what did I see on the far side ? Five young babies swimming along with mum and dad.

Take a look at the photos I got below.

Swan Diary #5


The Pond was brimming with wildlife this morning, the Cygnets were looking even bigger than last week and there feathers are showing the first signs of going white. The Ducks are about the same size as the adults and I was finding difficulty telling the adults from the young.

I think the Coots have lost their eggs as they spent the whole time I was there,foraging for food, I could’nt spot the Pochard but the Heron was on the far side, taking it easy in the sun.

I could hear a Buzzard above me, so I got out the binoculars and spotted a crow chasing it into the trees away in the distance. Managed to get a few pics of the Damselflies that were at the side of the pond.