Sheriffmuir Wildlife Diaries #1 – (Filming tadpoles on the moors)

Sheriffmuir Wildlife Diaries #1 – (Filming tadpoles on the moors)



This Acrylic painting of a Red Fox

was commissioned by Colin just recently.


Colin says:

” It was one my friends who commissioned it, they wanted it for a wedding anniversary gift, the lady concerned loves foxes.So I decided to look through my books for a decent and posture pose of a fox, and I decided to add a cub with it. I came up with the idea of a mother fox in a pose, reflecting on her protectively watching over it’s cub, behind a hedge  near it’s den. It’s one the best fox paintings I’ve done, and my friend was well chuffed with the finished result,I hope everyone enjoys it too.”

Colin Statter
Wildlife artist

Wildlife Artist

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