Male Peregrine Poisoned at Nest at Strathhaven near to Dungavel Reservoir in South Lanarkshire

The Peregrine Falcon was poisoned prior to its nest being plundered of its eggs.

Traces of a banned pesticide was found in the Peregrines body that was found next to the empty nest.

Other nesting sites in the area have also been targeted this year.

Any information phone crimestoppers on. 0800 555 111

Estate Searched As Poisoned Buzzards Found

After two Buzzards were found dead on a Perthshire estate alongside  poisoned bait last month officers from the wildlife crime unit the R.S.P.B. and S.G.R.P.I.D. mounted an operation to search the estate after obtaining a warrant on  Wednesday 7th April.

A 62 year old man was taken to Tayside divisional H.Q. in Perth for questioning and later released pending further inquiries.

A number of items were removed from the estate for forensic examination the Perthshire estate has not been named.

Peregrine Falcons Poisoned

A pair of wild peregrine falcons have been found dead near corsington tower block of flats in Motherwell.

A post mortem showed them to have been poisened with the poison strychnine

P.C JAMES RUDDELL the investigating wildlife officer has appealed for any information concerning this wildlife crime.

Phone Motherwell Police Office – 01698 483000. crimestoppers – 0800 555 111