Starlings are Gathering for Migration (October 2013)

Today was the first time in a good few weeks where I could combined my two hobbies together, cycling and wildlife filming. Autumn is well under-way and the hot summer we had in Scotland is just a memory now.

But Autumn Has Its Own Magic !


As the leaves fall, the trees and bushes change their colours to bright  yellows and golden brown’s with spectacular effect. Its like some divine painter has opened the full pallet of his paintbox.

The wildlife families have been born and are on their first migrations and the hardy few are still looking for food and shelter around the pond and woods.

I spotted a river bird scanning the water for any leftovers from the summer explosion of insects on the surface and below. On my way to the pond the crows were scavenging the fields for worms and such, any such juicy snacks a welcome sight in these cold days.

The one of my favourite birds, the starlings, chattering non-stop as they line-up all huddle together on the telephone cables, every so often taking off in a squadron to land in the field for some food.

The seasons to me change pretty quickly in a year but I wonder how many people really take the time to ‘get off the bus’ in their busy work lives to fully appreciate the wonder of nature and its creatures.

I for one marvel at what is around us 🙂

FWN Test Out New Eco-friendly Electric Bikes.

On Sunday Colin and myself took a trip up to Ashfield near Dunblane to test out our new Cyclamatic E-bikes which we are using to bring you news stories and videos of the local wildlife around Central Scotland.

These bikes are eco friendly and have a range of 20 miles, which gives us a larger area to cover now.

On our travel we checked out the far wood for Red Kites and spotted a few Pink Footed Geese, taking a well earned rest and some food for there long journey home.

Colin then shows us a burn where he hopes to film a wild otter and in a future project film some underwater video of life beneath the surface.

We then ride up to Kinbuck to check out the rabbits on the hillside and we then come across some Canada Geeseon the river bank.

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Winter Walk

A Winter Walk Along The Bannock Burn.

Pond is frozen over on the left hand-side

I took a walk back from town and went past the swans  pond it was freezing and snow was all along the surface, there were tracks on the ice  and I think it was seagulls trying to land.

The Ochils looking very scenic

It is always nice walking in the snow its so peaceful and quiet although not much wild life about. Only the odd magpie or robin I seen in the nearby wood.

Rabbit prints

As I got to the Ladywell Park I came across some animal prints in the snow, in the distance next to the bushes I could see what left them.

Rabbits scurrying for food

As I made my way toward them, surprisingly they didn’t scamper away.


I managed to get quite close up and took some quick photos of them.

Was interesting to see the way they dug for food.


Was great to see them in this snow covered park


They didnt run away when I got near them


Loch Lomond Bird of Prey Centre – BIRDS

Following up our visit to the Loch Lomond Bird of Prey Centre, I thought I would show a few clips of the amazing birds  Stewart Robertson has in his Centre.

“Birkita” – Great Grey Owl

“Birkita” – Great Grey Owl

The Great Grey Owl or Lapland Owl (Strix nebulosa) is a very large owl, distributed across the Northern Hemisphere. In some areas it is also called the Great Gray Ghost, Phantom of the north, Cinereous Owl, Spectral Owl, Lapland Owl, Spruce Owl, Bearded Owl and Sooty Owl.

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Loch Lomond Bird of Prey Centre – REVIEW

Loch Lomond National Park is a great tourist attraction for tourism in Scotland, and Fishing  and Wildlife News is currently visiting these sorts of places in the country to promote what’s available on the Wildlife side site seeing.
On our travels we came across the LOCH LOMOND BIRD OF PREY CENTRE.

Loch Lomond
Birds of Prey Centre

Nestling amongst the trees behind the Loch Lomond Homes & Garden Center ,you enter the Bird Of Prey Center , the birds are housed in their own ideal separate wooden pine cabins.

Stewart Robertson kindly met and gave us a wonderful greeting at the center’s entrance, Stewart is a guy that certainly knows his stuff, without even asking he was giving us loads of information on the lives’ of the lovely selection and varieties of Birds of Prey and Owls on show, as soon as Stewart talks to each of the birds, you can see the bond that has developed between each other. It’s very humbling to see such a connection between the birds and their handler Stewart.

Now myself a keen wildlife artist was mesmerized by the colours in all of the birds and owls, at the moment I am studying colours and shapes of all Wildlife to help me produce more life-like drawings and paintings, and this visit to the Bird of Prey Center will certainly help me achieve my goals in becoming a better Wildlife Artist, hopefully producing more life-like images. For me it was certainly worth the visit alone and Stewart with all his knowledge and information gave me inspiration to now start raptor painting. Which I haven’t yet attempted. I took a series of  photographs and film for my reference when I decide to paint Birds of Prey,  

A truly magical experience for me and I will always remember how beautiful the birds and owls are that close up as my brother Raymond said, we’re that used to seeing them miles away from us and here we see them in all their glory close up  great,

We highly recommend you visit the

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Oasis Of Wildlife At Lecropt

Lecropt Is An Oasis of Wildlife,

When Other Places Fail, It Doesn’t !

at Lecropt

Lecropt is one of my favourite places on my journey when cycling to and from the River, each day I observe various and different Wildlife while having a rest on my returning journeys.

The countryside of Lecropt has an abundance of Wildlife and various species of wild plants and trees.

The photos I have posted have been taken souly on the land of Lecropt over a couple of days, the most popular bird which it’s famous for, is the Lecropt Buzzard’s, which can be seen soaring above the woods on ‘Hangman’s hill’,  (aptly named).

Many years back Lecropt was a vibrant community, having their own laws , school and church, self governed with its very close and tight community.

(Vulpes vulpes)

A couple of nights ago I spotted the Foxin a field below the church, one minute it was there the next it had vanished into the long grass I managed to get the camera out quickly and got the one shot.

As soon as I got home I couldn’t resist getting out the brushes and canvas , and started painting a Red Fox,while it was still fresh in my mind. What you see in the photo of me next to the painting, is the first layer of paint, and has lots detail still to add but when I finish it, I will post the finished painting on FWN.

The Fox inspired me to paint.

The Red Kite which is my first of this species and the  Common Spotted-orchid (Dactylorhiza fuchsii) I photographed today on my return journey home, so if your ever wanting to see a bit of Wildlife remember the name Lecropt, my little Wildlife oasis, which never fails me, when in other places does fail me for getting that photo.

Colin Statter