filming a Red Squirell

Hi guys its me again out and about seeing what wildlife is about so i can get some photographic and film reference material for my art projects over the coming winter months , i was so lucky filming a red squirell for my art i couldnt believe my luck , this vlog comes in two parts shown below ENJOY !!!

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selling my art paintings on Ebay

hi guys welcome once again to my posts and to my youtube vlogs , as youve probably gathered i have been very busy painting and selling my art not to mention out looking in all my local charity shops for all those lovely treasures, this vlog is all about me showing you in art painting haul an old box of paintings i had put away and forgotten about , so i thought there ,s no use them being hidden away in a cupboard there better off up in my ebay shop and help pay my bills so here it is enjoy the vlog and as ever my ebay shop link is here if you fancy anything and just a reminder , its getting near xmas , they make a wonderful gift for the one you love, cheers !!!!! OH GUYS and please subscribe to my youtube channel if you like them and help make it grow.



HI GUYS come watch my latest youtube vlog where i go treasure hunting for goods for my ebay shop in my local charity shop while also visiting the old kirk at stirling castle. i show you in a haul what i bought . enjoy SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL so you dont miss any vlogs



filming Red kites on the moors

hi guys today i am out riding my electric eco bike up on the sheriff moors near my home looking for local wildlife to film Last time i filmed a lovely owl hunting across the heather for small mamals , what do you think i got this time , come along on this journey with me and have your own adventure enjoy, link to my ebay shop is here if you fancy one of my hand painted watercolours.

out shopping for my #ebay store

hi guys welcome back to my channel heres a vlog of me out shopping for my ebay store as you know from my previous vlogs i have been selling quite a lot of my paintings and antique collectables over the lockdown perioud safely from my home online business if you like my vlogs please subscribe to my #youtube channel and all my sites so you dont miss any. enjoy

colin statter paintings an opertunity for a great art investment

hi guys an opertunity has arived for you to purchase my latest paintings from my ebay art shop , this will be a great art investment for the future, art as a rule will always increase in its value as the years go by no matter what artist paintings you buy from whether its a couple of pounds to a few thousand pounds the value holds its grounds and increases. i have a wide variety of paintings and collectables to choose from why not click onto the following link and see what i have to offer

Paintings that are selling fast on EBAY

Hi there guys, what a month its been for my sale of paintings ,since  lockdown started  my sales shot up by 234 % so i am one of the lucky ones to survive so far along with many other online services and shops if you havent already done so you should subscribe and watch my youtube channel which focuses on things that is asscoiated with art and selling on ebay  , i post haul vlogs that help promote and sell my art along with all the other goodies i sell to give you an inclination of whats on sale my business name is WILDLIFE ART COLECTABLES and Antiques, below is one of my latest painting haul vlogs theres also a link to my EBAY SHOP , please watch and subscribe for more    ENJOY !!!!!   

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