tips on How to earn money from your art on EBAY

hi guys, another day another dollar, today i am gonna give you some tips on making extra money from your art career all you up and coming artists who are struggling to earn a living should watch, happy painting everyone   and keep safe.       MY EBAY SHOP

#STAYATHOME ARTIST makes fish and chips in lockdown

hi guys, welcome back to my blog i decide to make some home made fish and chips in lockdown and when you have lots of time on your hands all you want to do is eat lots ,  wait til you see what i had for afters too, i also take time out to fit a new mosquito net to my window as the weather is getting hotter and i need fresh air in my studio flat. enjoy  , oh!  and heres the link to my ebay art shop

check out this great minature wildlife camera

Hi Guys i just uploaded my latest youtube video on my wildlife channel where i show you and review what i think is the worlds best minature and the smallest zoom hd wildlife camera or it could be used for any filmaking project click onto the video and  have a look i have also included footage of wildlife i recorded with the mini camera

enjoy !!!!!