National Geographic: Spirit Bear Salmon Feast

The salmon are jumping, and these spirit bears know they’re in for some good eating.


National Geographic: Great Grey Owl

From way above in the wintry treetops, Great Grey Owls can hear a teeny tiny vole digging underneath the snow.

New BBC Show Starting soon – PLANET EARTH LIVE

Planet Earth Live starts 6th May on BBC One.

Check Out the Trailer Here

Richard Hammond and Julia Bradbury join the world’s best natural history film-makers for the most ambitious live wildlife series ever undertaken, following the real-time stories of the world’s most charismatic animals around the globe.

Experts and cameramen/women from the award winning BBC Natural History Unit combine the spectacular cinematography of Frozen Planet with the live techniques of Big Cat Live and Springwatch to follow real-life animal dramas from around the globe throughout May – a critical time for many of the Earth’s young animals.

From baby elephants in Kenya, black bears in Minnesota, macaque monkeys in Sri Lanka, meerkats in South Africa, grey whales in the Pacific to the lions of the Masaai Mara, the lives of many wild youngsters hang in the balance. Expect the unexpected as nature writes the script.

Based in southern Kenya, Richard fulfils a childhood dream as he tracks the Marsh pride of lions with camerawoman Sophie Darlington. The group, made famous by Big Cat Diary, is at a crucial time in their history with a pride takeover. A lioness has escaped with the cubs, but with limited food their survival hangs in the balance.

In the wild Northwoods of Minnesota Julia Bradbury gets up close and personal with one of the most feared predators on the planet – black bears. She joins expert Dr Lynn Rogers as bear families emerge from their dens with new born cubs. On the Pacific coast she follows the epic migration of grey whales and their calves running the gauntlet of killer whales.