Macro Safari On The River Forth by Brember Turner

Macro Safari, by Brember

Hi there,

Here are some shots I took on my first ‘Macro Safari’ for FWN,

And what a magnificent specimen we have for you, its the  Hawthorn shield bug

Hope you enjoy them > Brember Turner, FWN.



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The shield bug which you are most likely to come across is our largest species, the Hawthorn Shield Bug. This handsome green and red invertebrate can be found wherever suitable shrubby foodplants are available. Eggs are laid in spring and, over the summer, the nymphs feed on ripening red berries, particularly Hawthorn, but also feed Rowan, Whitebeam and Cotoneaster. The adults appear from late August and will often wander quite far from their foodplant, occasionally being attracted to lights at night, when they may turn up in moth traps. The adults go into hibernation in the late autumn, and then re-emerge to breed in the spring.