Red Squirrel (Loch of the Lowes 2013)

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Pheasant at Sheriffmuir (30th April 2013)


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Heron Catching a Toad (29th March 2013)

On Good Friday, I took a ride along to the Swans Pond and came across an FWN favorite bird, a grey Heron. The Heron was one of the first wildlife species we filmed and even entered a film to an international nature film festival in Belgium.

As I scanned along the pond I spotted the swans looking well and with the water levels low they could easily forage for food below the surface.

Next was the Moorhen, great to see it too as were not one Coot but now a pair, hopefully we will see some nest building in the coming weeks.

I have only filmed Herons as they stand in there perfect statue pose but thi can be quite boring after a few seconds, so it was great to see this young one walking along the edges of the pond, then to my delight i caught it catching a toad and eating it whole.

Was great to see how they use their long beak to spear there prey and eat it.

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Roe Deer at Sheriffmuir (2013)

FWN took a ride up to Sheriffmuir and were delighted to spot four Roe Deer in the long grass, we quickly got out a camcorder and managed to film them as they made off and jumped the fence in the distance.

Into The New Year



11th January 2013 020
View from my rest point on my bike ride.

And so with us well into 2013 I took a bike ride up to my Charters-hall Bike Run for the first time since last September. I brought along some new equipment to test, a monopod for steadier shots and my new Panasonic camcorder which has an amazing 70x zoom.

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Swallows and Deer at the Pond

I took a bike run to the Swan Pond this morning to try out my new FUJIFILM FINEPIX 2980 that I bought a few days ago.It is a bridge camera so I wasn’t expecting it be a good as the camera I had been using, the FUJIFILM S9500Colin had gave me this as he had upgraded to a beautiful NIKON camera, unfortunately I dropped it and it broke, so I was left with nothing to use.

So I will do a full review of the S2980 later and give my opinion on it for FWN viewers to read.Anyway the pond was full of interesting birds and animals and I was well chuffed to get some shots of some Swallows (which I have been trying to get for some time). They were perched only a few feet from the hedge I was leaning against and as you see below, they are quite good.


There were lots of Swallows about due to the hot weather and the abundance of flies around the fields and they were in full voice and inquisitive of what I was doing.

Blue coloring coming through on the back of the Swallow

I could hear a Buzzard above me and two Herons were in the far field, but it was to the far off wood which took my interest.Through the binoculars I spotted three Deer, two adults and a young one, nestling in the grass.Although they were far off I tried out the zoom on the S9800 and got a shot.

Far away shot of one of the Deer

Hopefully sometime soon I will try and get some closer shots of the Deer, the wood seems to have a lot of possibilities in getting some good nature photos.