I write this article on behalf of there not being a good pricing valuation of art from new and upcoming  artists from all over the world  . this is my view on the matter.

i hope this will give buyers and artists a better understanding when selling or going out to buy a piece of art either as an investment  interiour decoration or just as a collector.

the first thing to remember is that way back in history our OLD masters like REMBRANT , VAN GOFF,  etc were not selling there paintings for vast sums of money like there selling for today in fact as you may know van goff only ever sold one of his paintings in his lifetime his art at the time was frowned upon because it didnt keep in with the regular style at that time , always  remember that every artist has there own unique style like van goff had, not everyone will like what your style or subjects your painting but  it will last the test of time and if not immiediate one day your art and style will come into its own, someone out there maybe not today maybe not tommorrow heck maybe not even in this centuary but one day someone will come across your art who sees what you see when your painting it and gets your style,  the majority of artists all pass away poor making no money  from there art , its when there passed that the art increases in value. rembrant went bankrupt and when his art went up for sale to pay his creditors his paintings went for pittance if he knew now that his art went for millions of pounds ime sure hed roll about the ground either laughing or crying.

its the same today in our modern times theres hundreds of Rembrants and van goffs out there not knowing that there art one day will be cherished and loved and bought by collectors from all over the world . every piece of art is worth some money value and i believe that every piece of art out there whatever someone pays for it has always got an increased value on what that person has payed for it.


Perigrine Falcon Found Dead at Cambusbarron Quarry

Police are investigating after a bird of prey was killed near Stirling.

The four-year-old female peregrine falcon was found dead at Cambusbarron Quarry by local raptor workers on 15 April.

Police Scotland is working with the Scottish Raptor Study Group and the RSPB to establish the circumstances.

The discovery comes after a large number of birds of prey including red kites and buzzards were found killed in Ross-shire.

Constable Malcolm O’May, Forth Valley division’s wildlife crime officer said:

“Police Scotland takes the persecution of these magnificent birds of prey very seriously and we will be doing all we can to identify the person responsible for this crime.

“We will be working with the local community and our partners in RSPB but I would ask anyone who has been in the Cambusbarron Quarry over the last few months to get in touch with us, you may hold crucial information that will assist in catching those responsible.”

Swan Diary #2 (4th April 2014)

So I have been regularly visiting the Swans Pond with not much to report … until today ! I biked it down as usual but found them building a nest a little bit up from where the had built one last year, but it is still close to the path so that is good  for me being able to film them.

There has been a lot of rainfall the past few days here in Scotland and the rivers and ponds have high water levels in them just now, but the swans seem to have built it up nice and high so hopefully it wont get washed away like their previous nest they had built 3 years ago.

Once I had filmed them I was heading towards the Thunder-bridge to go home but my path was blocked by the Bannock burn over flowing so I had to turn back from the way I had came.

When I go to the swans nest I noticed something in the nest as , awesome ! it was an egg already, so I got out my camera and took some more video of it.

So good news for the swans and hopefully we will see some cygnets this year !

Around the Carse

Yesterday I took a bike ride around the Carse in Stirling, so far this year there has been very few sightings of wildlife this year. Around the swans pond there have been a few ducks and of course the swans.

So cycling around the carse it was great to see first, a few hundred pink footed geese, in the far off field.Then I spotted in the distance a deer, the first I have seen this year. Then there was 2, fantastic.

I then  made my way to the River Forth where I spotted a Grey Heron on the far bank in the field, another first this year. So in the one day I managed to film lots of great wildlife,


Tests on a bird of prey found dead on Sheriffmuir, near Stirling, have revealed that the animal was poisoned.

A buzzard
The buzzard was found by a member of the public in September

The buzzard was found by a member of the public in September.

Police said they were treating the incident as an “intentional killing” after tests proved the bird had ingested poison.

They have appealed to visitors to the Ochil Hills and the Sheriffmuir area to contact them if they have any information about the killing.

Police Insp Gerry McMenemy said:

“The buzzard was found by a member of the public and subsequent investigations proved the bird had been killed by ingestion of poison.

“We are treating the incident as an intentional killing of a protected bird and are appealing for anyone who has any information that may be relevant to this crime to contact us.”