Watch “America is buying up all my paintings” on YouTube it seems my paintings are being bought up by American art collectors I have sent over quite a few over the past couple of weeks after all I do have a unique style I paint with the old fashioned style of painting and I wear and old da vinci style artists smock I bought years ago in an old art shop my name Colin statter is my Brand name and those art collectors and art lovers of the UK are also taking advice and buying up my art after all the way things are going its inevitable that my art will be very collectable every era needs a new art icon to spice up the art world and the best of it

my art style and subjects I paint vary enormously feelings in my bones that in a few years time my name is going to be very well known in the art world and everyone who has purchased a piece of art from me will be very happy. Click onto this film to see it beginning. The more people who buy my paintings the more it becomes valuable too.


Author: Colin statter fashion /Artist

Artist, Film-maker photographer Ebay seller and fashion model

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