Perigrine Falcon Found Dead at Cambusbarron Quarry

Police are investigating after a bird of prey was killed near Stirling.

The four-year-old female peregrine falcon was found dead at Cambusbarron Quarry by local raptor workers on 15 April.

Police Scotland is working with the Scottish Raptor Study Group and the RSPB to establish the circumstances.

The discovery comes after a large number of birds of prey including red kites and buzzards were found killed in Ross-shire.

Constable Malcolm O’May, Forth Valley division’s wildlife crime officer said:

“Police Scotland takes the persecution of these magnificent birds of prey very seriously and we will be doing all we can to identify the person responsible for this crime.

“We will be working with the local community and our partners in RSPB but I would ask anyone who has been in the Cambusbarron Quarry over the last few months to get in touch with us, you may hold crucial information that will assist in catching those responsible.”


Author: RayDvD

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