Swans Return (1st November 2013)

Yesterday as I cycled past the pond, I had a pleasant surprise, the familiar site of 2 pure white images drifting along the surface towards me.

I dont know if they were the same pair of swans that were here this year or a new pair, but it made my day. So today with camera ready and some brown bread, I ventured down and got some good photos and some video.

So with the temperature sure to drop soon , i wonder how long they,ll be here for in the last few months of 2013.


Author: RayDvD

I am an avid Film Fan and collect DvD's and Blu-rays, with over 1000 films in my Collection. I also like to cycle and am a huge gadget and tech fan. My other hobbies are computing, photography and multimedia. I am the creator and owner of RayDvD Productions, who make documentary films, images and graphics.

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