Swan Diary # 11 (Cygnet Gone) June 2013

Unfortunately today’s trip to the pond brings some sad news, one of the cygnets has gone more than likely by a fox. The say that if 50% of eggs hatched survive then it has been a good year.

I thought that the six cygnets had a more than good chance of living seeing as they were all pretty big now and the local Heron which has been eyeing them up and the ducklings as well would find it too much to snaffle the young swans.

But as is natures way there is always a bigger predator around.

Still it was good seeing the other 5 looking healthy as well as the flock of ducks that were swimming ‘on mass’ to anyone walking by in the hope of some easy food.


Author: Colin statter fashion /Artist

Artist, Film-maker photographer Ebay seller and fashion model

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