The Scottish Deer Centre (Part 2) – NORTHERN LYNX


Another of our favourite cats is the Northern Lynx, and we were delighted to film one at the Centre just to see how magnificent this wildcat is, as you may have read in a previous post a new charity, the Lynx UK Trust, has  been set up to introduce the Lynx back into Scotland. They are to submit an official application for a permit to Scottish Natural Heritage, which regulates species reintroduction in Scotland.

This shy and elusive cat as Andrew the park ranger told us would be very difficult to see as the encloser was thick in grass and undergrowth. After a good 15 mins we were delighted to catch glimpses of it and then just on cue it came right in front of the cage and up onto its high vantage point to give us the shots we wanted.

Magic !!



28th May 2013 (SDC) 107
Northern Lynx

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Lynx lynx lynx
Total Length: 81-129 cm
HABITAT: Within its range the Lynx is primarily associated with forested and mountainous areas. They prefer decidous forest or old growth Taiga and mixed woodlands with plenty of undergrowth for cover.
DISTRIBUTION: The Northern Lynx is native to European and Siberian forests, South and East Asia. Today it is found from the Steppes of Asia to the forests and rocky plains of Canada, Northern U.S.A and fragmented areas of Europe.


More Lynx Info Here


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