FWN Visit Loch Of The Lowes Centre (2013)

What a great day we had at the Loch Of The Lowes Wildlife Centre, the weather was kind to us and so was the attendance of the reserves occupants.
Especially their star attraction, ‘Lady’ and her mate,

Ray our top wildlife cameraman done us proud to be patient and capture that ever anticipated shot of the male osprey bringing back to the nest a fish for ‘Lady’ so she can keep up her strength while sitting tight on the 4 eggs she layed this season, what a magnificent hatch to for the oldest osprey in Britain.

Little did we realise that this wasn’t the only surprise we had, Raymond also captured a beautiful red squirrel feeding on nuts at one of the centres feeding stations observed from the visitor centre viewing windows, terrific shots we got too, with a variety of bird species to.

There was lots of signs that the beavers were around no sighting of them however, but that gives us an excuse to return again in which I am sure we will get that beaver shot.

What we like about the Loch Of The Lowes Reserve is that every time we go their we always get a different variety of species to see and film than from our previous visits.

Myself Raymond and my mother and father would like to take this opportunity and thank all involved and who work tirelessly at the centre for such a wonderful day all round  and us all at FWN we thoroughly recommend a visit.


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Author: Colin statter fashion /Artist

Artist, Film-maker photographer Ebay seller and fashion model

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