Roe Deer Diary #2 (2013)

Today I took a bike ride to the Pond to check it out, I had passed that way 2 days earlier and had spotted the Roe Deer, sitting in the field where it had been the first time I spotted it.

It was good to see it still in the same field and with the grass not as frosted, it was eating for grass and drinking from the water in the low lying parts of the field.

It got me wondering if it was alone or if there were more Deer in the woodland to the left. Last summer I spotted 5 on the outskirts but are they till there ?

Only time will tell.

Author: RayDvD

I am an avid Film Fan and collect DvD's and Blu-rays, with over 1000 films in my Collection. I also like to cycle and am a huge gadget and tech fan. My other hobbies are computing, photography and multimedia. I am the creator and owner of RayDvD Productions, who make documentary films, images and graphics.

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