Winter Walk

A Winter Walk Along The Bannock Burn.

Pond is frozen over on the left hand-side

I took a walk back from town and went past the swans  pond it was freezing and snow was all along the surface, there were tracks on the ice  and I think it was seagulls trying to land.

The Ochils looking very scenic

It is always nice walking in the snow its so peaceful and quiet although not much wild life about. Only the odd magpie or robin I seen in the nearby wood.

Rabbit prints

As I got to the Ladywell Park I came across some animal prints in the snow, in the distance next to the bushes I could see what left them.

Rabbits scurrying for food

As I made my way toward them, surprisingly they didn’t scamper away.


I managed to get quite close up and took some quick photos of them.

Was interesting to see the way they dug for food.


Was great to see them in this snow covered park


They didnt run away when I got near them



Author: RayDvD

I am an avid Film Fan and collect DvD's and Blu-rays, with over 1000 films in my Collection. I also like to cycle and am a huge gadget and tech fan. My other hobbies are computing, photography and multimedia. I am the creator and owner of RayDvD Productions, who make documentary films, images and graphics.

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