Chaos In the Central Region as Record High Winds Are Reported

 Scotland and in particular, the Central Region was hit by unprecedented high winds in excess of 80 MPH.

And even in some places recorded gusts over 100MPH, many trees and rooftops were blown down throughout the region.The River Allan in Dunblane had some trees uprooted due to the extraordinary force of the high winds.


Water levels remain high and caution is advised.

The River,s banks were alarmingly high but remained intact.

 Unlike a few years ago when some of the pathways and railing were devastated.


High Street Closed Because Fear of Falling Roof  Slates

Dunblane High Street was cordoned off on Tuesday as roof tiles became dislodged and authorities deemed the street unsafe.

Work was undertook on Wednesday to repair the damage that the high winds had caused.

Some signs on the shop fronts were reported to be loose as well, shop keepers were seen trying to secure them during the high winds.


Trampoline Seen in Tree

A trampoline that was reported across the news channels was said to have been lodged high up in a tree.

Here i located it high on a hillside near Kinbuck, next to the Bridge.