free ROYAL silver coin unboxing ,link is in my video description box.

Hi guys its me again, this video shows you me unboxing the free KING  GEORGE V isilver threepennce i got online , i only had to pay for the postage delivery i have also put the link to get this free offer in the description box on my video  yeh  click on to watch your gonna luv this one and its a future investment too,   ENJOY !!!!                                                                                                          MY EBAY SHOP LINK

part 2 of my huge ELEPHANT Ebay haul

HI GUYS s here is part 2 of my elephant haul i am selling in my ebay store if you havent already please watch part 1 first below this post   ENJOY !!!!!!   oh and heres the link to                                                                                                                                                     my EBAY SHOP


hi guys i decided to do another Ebay haul this time instaed of paintings i thought i would give you a treat and  show you my collection of elephants , a pair that i have seem to me to be the largest wooden sculptor elephants in the world that me myself have ever  tried to sell.

click onhere for my latest youtube vlog    

an insperational day and i recieved an art parcel

Hi guys welcome back to my blog today was a very busy day and i rose in the morning to a beutiful sky once doing a bit of early morning painting i had to quckly take a trip into town for printing paper then back home for an insperational walk along my river bank to inspire me to do some landscape paintings, on return to my apartment i recieved a very welcome art supplies package i had been waiting on click on belowand see how i got on  to watch this latest vlog from my youtube channel theres also a link below straight to my EBAY ART SHOP  to purchase my art and collectables.  enjoy                       MY EBAY SHOP LINK

colin statter artists tips and tricks on selling art on EBAY and ETSY

hi guys click onto my New #youtube video to see a few of my tips for increasing your chances in selling more of your paintings on EBAY and ETSY  or your own website,

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sold lots of my paintings on EBAY Colin Statter artist

MY very first youtube vlog of 2020 click on to watch how many paintings i sold on new years day and watch my latest mini painting haul i am selling in my ebay art shop , if you would like to purchase and own one of my paintings then click onto the link here to

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colin statter artist in xmas eve crisis

Hi guys welcome to my blog click on to my latest youtube vlog to see me on xmas eve travelling to pick up my much needed doctors prescription before everything closes for the holidays , i also show you my mini painting haul for 2020. if you like please follow me and subscribe to my #youtube channel. OH And guys heres the link to my ebay art shop if you would like one of my paintings from my ebay shop

my xmas wildlife paintings now on sale in my EBAY art shop

watch my latest paintings haul vlog below guys

hi guys i just uploaded lots more watercolour and oil paintings in my ebay shop linked here

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