An ARTISTS Letters to his friend

Painting by colin statter
Painting by colin statter
Painting by colin statter
Painting by colin statter
Painting by colin statter
A painting by colin statter

Today JACK i completed 10 new paintings for my GARDEN of EDEN series , they consist of 8 birds and 2 animals that i have conjured up in my imagination , i must now have created about 200 paintings in this series so far , to think i only started this collectors series 2 years ago as you know there is only one original of each ever to be created which makes this series a unique collection and to those persons who are lucky enough to buy one or more they are a great investement for the future each one is unique i have included some photographs of the new ones so you can have a look at them before they go on sale .

each one will only be available in my#EBAY art shop at a bargain price of £7.99 each starting bid. first come first served as they would say.


Look at this on eBay

Look at this on eBay

Colin Statter unique watercolour and inks

Do you love excitement why not have fun  bidding on my original works of wildlife paintings bidding starts at only £7.99  a great #Artinvestment #watercolours #paintings

My paintings are being snapped up from art lovers and collectors from all over the world theye are all originals and all unique 

Have a look at my instagram account for more below. @fashion.artist1

@fashion. artist1