Watch “Mini crisis followed by an afternoon of tranquility painting pheasants” on YouTube hi guys i have just uploaded my latest vlog from my #youtube channel click on to watch it show you how i print my limited edition certificates plus lots more



Watch “Visiting a SCOTTISH PYRAMID and building an art easel” on YouTube well guys i never knew that my home country of scotland is home to a pyramid come watch my latest vlog link above to watch me visit it in the grounds of Stirling Castle cemetery and also see me getting a late birthday present to myself of a new art boxeasel where I also let you see me build it too. I hope you enjoy it .

Watch “DREAMING UP PAINTINGS that SELL on EBAY haul” on YouTube hi guys as promised I am showing you some of my paintings from my Garden of Eden series of paintings I have listed a few in my #ebay shop.

A long time ago I dreamed of how the birds and animals would look like if I ever had the opportunity to visit the Garden of Eden theses paintings are the result. If you want to see how they turned out then please watch the above vlog where I show and explain all about the paintings oh and please like and subscribe if you like what you see in would be most gracious and grateful to you all. Enjoy

Watch “BREAKING into the LONDON Art Market” on YouTube Hi guys i have a good connection with London I did a couple of fashion photoshoots there 2 years ago. My passion for Fashion has helped me greatly with pr for my art and as a result I have not only broken into the art market in new York but I have also now broken into the art market of London check out my latest vlog above where I tell you of my connection with the London fashion and art world.

Watch “My five best books for studying art” on YouTube I have a treat for you. My five favourite art books to study from I love books I am a self confessed Scottish Bookworm. I could read books for hours and not just picture books my biggest book collection I have got is tudor history with my art books collection coming a close 2nd then it’s wildlife. But as you can guess I love them all click onto my video link above to see what my five favourite art books are.

Watch “scottish Breakfast Then selling Another painting to NEW YORK” on YouTube well guys got another painting sold and it’s off to the same place and country NEW YORK CITY I hope this sale of paintings to the usa continues and I have lots more for buyers and collectors to choose from in am busy today clearing out my cupboards and attic of older and new paintings I had stored away. I also want to make more vlogs containing more hauls of my artwork my style varies considerably I don’t like sticking to the one particular style I get bored too easily . My favourite style is the niave style of art this brings out your true artistic mindset and it’s not comparable with anything any one else can relate to 8f you know what I mean. Please excuse my grammar as well and my style of writing it’s quite illiterate but it’s my writing and it’s all I know.. anyway I hope you like my latest you tube vlog it shows a typical morning routine i go through and it also shows the painting on its way to New York it’s called “John the pegleg ”

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Watch “Breaking into the NEW YORK art market” on YouTube I have always wanted to break into the NEW YORK art market in my latest vlog you witness me selling my first oil painting called “proposing with flowers ” to an American art buyer is am so excited and over the moon of the prospects ahead for me .

Last month I sold a few of my big cat paintings to other clients in America so I can now finally say that I have broken into and entered the American art scene and market.

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Watch “Visiting a ROYAL tailor and selling on Ebay” on YouTube I had great fun today visiting my favourite place at the grounds of Stirling Castle I also seen where King James iv of scotland, s Taylor resided at. Why not click onto the link above to watch me visit there and see how I earn my living selling my art and collectables on Ebay.